Horror Writers Workshop

By "Scares That Care!" (other events)

Saturday, July 22 2017 12:00 PM 4:00 PM

A four hour in depth session for new authors (includes a thirty minute break for lunch).

Bring your laptop and up to the first four pages of your short story / Novel / Essay / Non-Fiction book (Your name need not be on the pages...anonymity preferred.)

Opening Segment - Brief explanation of major elements covered: basic points of plot, character, voice, POV, dialogue, etc. Discussion and clarification of same.

Exercise - "Bookstore Browsing"  - To be explained at the class.

Final Hour - General Q&A on what has been learned, as well as anything else relating to getting published. 

OPTIONAL - A complete story or chapter which will be line edited/critiqued and be sent back to you. (Requires a negotiatied fee seperate from the workshop)

Tickets are limited to 15 people. Great workshop for those who are aspiring to be authors, led by Bram Stoker Award Winner Tom Monteleone!



Ticket for the Horror Writers Workshop ONLY. You must also purchase admission to the Charity Weekend Event in order to attend this workshop. As this Scares That Care Charity Weekend event is for charity, refunds will be given at the discretion of management in extreme emergencies only. In the event that the guest has to cancel the seminar due to professional obligations, the event promoter will provide refunds on the Workshop ONLY.